Overnight Boarding

Spacious  |  Natural  |  Comfortable 

Stay for a night, a weekend, or even a few weeks!

During their dogs’ stay, owners have the choice of having their dogs stay in our heated barn spaces with indoor-outdoor access, snug in a crate, or a special upgrade to sleep with our overnight staff. Our goal is to reduce stress and create a home-away-from-home feeling, so we want dogs to sleep in the way they are most comfortable. 

We have 15 barn spaces available on a first-come, first-served basis. Additional crate spaces and limited sleepover upgrades available by request!

Overnight Rates:

 1st Dog – $52/Night ($58/night Holidays)

Additional Dog Same Kennel – $35/night ($40/night Holidays)


Drop Off & Pick Up Hours:


Dogs picked up after 4PM will be billed for 1/2 day of daycare.

Please note that Drop Off and Pick Up times are scheduled appointments to reduce crowding at the kennel. Arrivals outside of your scheduled time may incur an additional convenience fee.   

 Please review our Cancellation Policies.

Our Standard of Care

Your dog will receive individual love and attention from our kennel staff, as well as environmental enrichment. Here’s what dogs are treated to when they stay at WRCP!

  • 24/7 staffing and supervision
  • Indoor-outdoor access between our natural-grass yards and heated/cooled barns
  • Individual attention by our kennel staff throughout the day
  • Day-time small play groups with other compatible dogs
  • Upgrades and extras available to make your dog’s stay even more fun (see menu below)
  • Nightly Snuggle-Downs and biscuits before bed

Click Here to view our Boarding Upgrades Menu!

Enhance your dog’s vacation with us by adding any of the following “extras” to their stay!

Fun Walks – ($15) | Get your pup some exercise and enjoy all our beautiful 120-acre ranch has to offer. This is a 30 minute walk through our pastures where dogs can sniff, play in the pond or creek and enjoy being outdoors!

2nd dog (same walk) – $10

Personalized Attention – ($15) | Your dog gets individual attention by our kennel staff throughout the day, and snuggle-downs each night before bed. However, some dogs need or want that little bit of extra love. This upgrade can have our staff play a dedicated game of fetch, tug of war, extra-long snuggles at bedtime or just hanging out!

Sleepovers With Staff ($15) | This upgrade has your dog sleeping with humans in our overnight staff quarters. Get all the benefits of our big grassy yards during the day, and snuggle in with our staff during the night. Best of both worlds!

Limited spaces available each night. Dogs who demonstrate destructive behavior (including not being housebroken), or show aggressive behavior towards humans or other dogs are not eligible for this upgrade.

Second dog in same family can be added for only $10/night

Frozen Stuffed Kong ($5) | Let your pup enjoy a tasty treat that will also occupy their
brains! We stuff our Kong toys with a mixture of yummy wet food and biscuits and then freeze them so they last longer. (Please let us know if your pup has any allergies and we can make adjustments to the filling).

Puzzle Toy ($5) | Similar to the Kong treat, these puzzle-games for food are a great way to provide your dog extra mental stimulation. Three different games to choose from – ask our kennel staff to show you!

Basic Brush Out – ($10 short hair/$15 long/curly hair) | A basic brush-out/grooming while your dog stays with us – great for long-coated breeds, doodles, and others who may get a little tangled. Can also pair with a bath!

Bath ($20 up to 50lbs/$30 over 50lbs) | Our yards are all natural grass, which means there’s also dirt and mud! Send your pup home squeaky-clean by scheduling a bath on their pickup day. Dogs will receive a bath approximately 1-hour before pickup time.

Nail Trims ($15 up to 50lbs/$20 over 50lbs) | Appropriate length nails are important for multiple aspects of your dog’s health. Get them trimmed while your dog boards with us. We also have training options available for dogs who don’t allow their feet to be handled!

A la carte training options also available based on trainer’s availability. Check with your trainer before scheduling!

Vaccination Requirements

We require documented proof of the following vaccinations on file prior to any dog visiting the facility.

    • Puppies must have at least their first two sets of DHPP vaccines and Bordetella and be at least 12 weeks old prior to utilizing our Puppy Yard, boarding, or training services.
    • Dogs over 16 weeks of age must have current DHPP, Rabies, and Bordetella Vaccines.

Forms of Vaccination Proof Accepted:

    1.  Documentation from your veterinarian showing the expiration date for each vaccine. A receipt or reminder card usually contains this information
    2. FAVN Titer test certificate every two years for Distemper, Parvovirus, and Rabies.
    3. Self-administered vaccinations for DHPP and Bordetella. For these vaccines, we require the receipt for proof of purchase as well as a notation on date administered.
          • Self-administerd DHPP is valid for 3 years
          • Self-administered Bordetella is valid for 1 year

WE HAVE BORDETELLA VACCINES AVAILABLE AT THE KENNEL! $20 per vaccine, good for 1 year. Staff can administer for an additional $5.

How do I get started? 

  1. Fill out your New Client Forms and provide us with a copy of your dog’s vaccine records.
  2. Schedule your New Client Orientation – all new clients go through a free orientation before their first overnight stay. This is a 3-hour daycare session where our staff will observe your dog’s temperament, their behavior with humans and other dogs, and their behavior at our facility. We’ll ensure dogs can be safely leashed, can utilize a doggy door so they can enter/exit our sleeping areas, and will permit staff to perform a body check. Dogs must pass this orientation to utilize our services!
  3. Book your reservation! We recommend scheduling 2-3 weeks in advance, and more for holidays. We fill up fast!

Welcome to the family!