Board & Train

Intensive | Immersive | Life Changing

Board & Train

Let us do the heavy lifting for you. Dogs enrolled in our board & train programs stay with us at our rural ranch-style kennel in the Bitterroot Valley to learn with our trainers, who then meet with YOU at the end of the program and teach you everything your dog has learned. During their stay, Board & Train dogs receive:

      • Multiple training sessions per day
      • Integration into daycare play groups to build social skills (if compatible)
      • Reinforcement of polite behavior and correction of inappropriate behavior (like barking, jumping, etc.) by both trainers and kennel staff
      • Participate in Pack Walks
      • Learn to rest quietly on a bed or in a kennel during trainers’ time in the office

If that isn’t enough, here’s what you, the owner, gets as part of your board & train package:

      • Free Pre-program lesson prior to drop-off (programs 2+ weeks)
      • Hands-on lesson at pickup
      • Free follow-up lessons (1 per week of board & train) within 90 days
      • Online photo/video album so owners can follow their dog’s progress and refer back to material once they got home
      • Access to our written homework & reference material
      • Access to our online training community

Daycare & Train

We also offer a few special programs where dogs can benefit from participating in daycare and training. Whether this is part of a behavior modification program to work on social skills with a trainer during daycare or to bring your dog’s skills up so you can learn the human side with less distraction, or because we’re working with a dangerous food allergen you can’t safely handle at home, this is a great addition or supplement to your existing training. We also offer group hikes on rotating days and times!

      • Half Day of training is 1-2 short sessions during a half or full day of daycare
      • Full Day of training is 3-4 sessions during a full day of daycare
      • Group Hikes are 1 hour on rotating days – see our Hiking tab for the event calendar.

Training Evaluation

We offer free phone consultations for all new clients to help choose the best training program to fit your needs. For clients whose dogs have previous training or for those wanting a custom program, behavior modification, or enrolling in our service dog program, we may require an in-person evaluation to give you the most accurate information about how to reach your training goals.

On-Site Evaluations – $75

In-Home/Off Site Evaluation – $95

Standard Programs

Partnership Training – Foundations

(2 Weeks) – $1,800

Advanced Partnership – Off Leash

(2 Weeks) –  $2,000


Confidence Building for Fearful Dogs

Addressing reactivity

Accept handling for vet/groomer

Urban Canine

Nose Work

Pulling Sports

House & Door Manners


Bebavior Modification

Accepted on a case-by-case basis. 3+ Weeks


Day Trains & Hikes

Half Day Train (1-2 sessions) – $45 + Daycare

Full Day Train (3-4 sessions) – $85 + Daycare

Group Hikes – $20 with handler / $30 drop off (trainer handles)

Typical wait times for board & train are 2-4 weeks.

Please review our Cancellation Policies.