Puppy Training

Get started right

Problems are always easier to prevent than they are to solve, which is why we have created a few special programs just for new puppies and their owners! If you have a puppy less than 5 months old, this is the place for you!



Prepare yourself, your family, and your home for an incoming puppy! This is an in-home consultation with one of our trainers to set you and your new puppy up for success BEFORE YOU GET THEM. Our trainers will cover items specific to your home and family, such as:

  • Puppy-proofing the house
  • Potty training
  • Crate training
  • Introducing existing pets & animals to your puppy
  • Nutrition and feeding routines
  • Necessary supplies

We’ll also leave you with helpful handouts and reference material for all the information we cover!


Puppies must be 12 weeks old and have their first two rounds of vaccines to safely visit our facility, but most puppies come home to their new families at around 8 weeks of age. Want to know how to navigate those first 4 weeks? This package is for you! These are two 1-hour in-home sessions with one of our trainers that will help you get started on the right foot with your new family member. These lessons will help you establish feeding, potty, and other daily routines, begin laying the foundation for future training with beginning exercises, and address common puppy problems like nipping, chewing, etc.

Purchase of the Puppy Survival Kit will also give you TWO puppy yard credits to use once your puppy has been fully vaccinated!


This is a special 1-week board & train program is open to owners of puppies 12 weeks-5 months old to get training started early! This will get you all the fundamentals you need to start forming a strong partnership with your new puppy and give you the building blocks for future training.

During this week, we will cover:

  • Building your verbal marker system
  • Building and developing food and play drives
  • Confidence Building Exercises – Obstacle navigation and introduction to novel stimuli
  • Name Recognition
  • Foundation Learning Concepts: Luring for obedience positions (Sit, Down, Heel, Come)
  • Developing strategies for managing common puppy behaviors like chewing, mouthing, and jumping
  • Accepting lying quietly and/or being crated
  • Accepting basic handling
  • A socialization field trip with their trainer during the week

At the end of the week, owners will come to the facility for a hands-on Transfer Training Lesson upon pickup and gain access to our homework sheets and reference material. This program also includes one FREE follow-up lesson within three weeks of pickup.