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Not Your Typical Doggie Daycare

The traditional doggie daycare format involves putting massive groups of dogs together, sometimes separated by “large” and “small” dogs, but gives very little thought to dogs’ individual energy levels, personalities, and play styles. Introducing a new dog into this group can create a “me vs. them” mentality, and can also foster an unhealthy need for a dog (particularly a young, high-energy dog) to be in “go, go, go!” mode all the time. This can create problems at home when these dogs don’t get that outlet and makes them unpleasant living partners.

How Are We Different?

At our heart, we want dogs to be our partners, which means being able to go out in the world and do stuff, but also to cohabitate peacefully and have good social skills. We have structured our daycare a little differently, to give dogs more of a “home away from home” feeling and to foster good behaviors:

  1. Maximum of 8 dogs per play group – These smaller group sizes allow us to match dogs based on more factors, like temperament, play styles, age, and energy level so we ensure all dogs are having a good time. These smaller groups also allow for more natural rest periods
  2. Spacious yards with shelters allow for rest – Each of our yards is an open, natural-grass area that is either attached to one of our sleeping barns or has daytime shelters. There is enough space that dogs can take breaks when needed — having a natural flow of play / rest / play / rest eliminates the constant state of high arousal that can create problems at home.
  3. “Difficult Dogs” can have daycare too! Most daycares will not accept dogs that are not perfectly social. Again, because we are a training facility, we can integrate dogs into daycare that might not be able to participate otherwise. If you have a dog that can only be select types of other dogs, we may be a great fit for you! In addition, we also offer “trainer-supervised daycare” for our training clients, where less social dogs can be supervised for short bits of interaction and play to help them become more well-balanced.

Daycare Rates & Scheduling

Because of our training services, we do not offer “drop-in” daycare. Daycare must be scheduled ahead of time by using our online form or by contacting the office!

Drop Off & Pick Up Hours

7AM – 7PM Every Day

Daycare – >5 Hours • $27

Daycare – <5 Hours • $18

Daycare – Additional Dog (all services) • $18

Puppy Play Yard • $12 per puppy per day

Puppy Play Yard

Just for puppies! Socialization is a critical component of turning a puppy into a healthy, happy adult dog. This is a special price for puppies 6 months and under where puppies are combined into a play group of other similar-aged puppies OR carefully-selected older mentor dogs (if no other puppies available) and are supervised by our kennel staff and trainers to ensure that their interactions and experiences are positive and constructive.

*Exceptions to age bracket made on a case by case basis. Puppies older than 6 months may still participate in our regular daycare services!