Training Options

Training that works for you and your lifestyle

Participating in training with your dog is a commitment in time and energy – so we want to make sure that you have options that fit with your schedule and lifestyle. Once you’ve decided what program is best for you and your dog, the second thing you have to decide is how best to go about learning the skills you want to learn. To that end, we offer training in a variety of formats:

  • Board & Train
  • Private Lessons (On-Site, In-home/Off-Site, and Virtual!)
  • Specialty Options (Social Skills, Off Leash Hikes, and More!)

Training Evaluation

For custom programs (behavior modification or evaluating existing training) and service dog or therapy dog prospects, we require a hands-on evaluation prior to enrolling in our program. This can be on-site at our facility or off-site depending on the situation. All evaluations are followed up with a written summary of our observations and your training goals, as well as a training plan with programs and customizations outlined along with a quote. 

On-Site Evaluation – $75

Off-Site Evaluation – $95

Board & Train

Let us do the heavy lifting for you. Dogs enrolled in our board & train programs stay with us at our rural ranch-style kennel in the Bitterroot Valley to learn with our trainers, who then meet with YOU at the end of the program and teach you everything your dog has learned. During their stay, Board & Train dogs receive:

  • Multiple training sessions per day
  • Integration into daycare play groups to build social skills (if compatible)
  • Reinforcement of polite behavior and correction of inappropriate behavior (like barking, jumping, etc.) by both trainers and kennel staff
  • Participate in Pack Walks
  • Learn to rest quietly on a bed or in a kennel during trainers’ time in the office

If that isn’t enough, here’s what you, the owner, gets as part of your board & train package:

  • Free Pre-program lesson prior to drop-off (programs 2+ weeks)
  • Hands-on lesson at pickup
  • Free follow-up lessons (1 per week of board & train) within 90 days
  • Online photo/video album so owners can follow their dog’s progress and refer back to material once they got home
  • Access to our written homework & reference material
  • Access to our online training community

Daycare & Train

We offer a few special programs where dogs can benefit from participating in daycare and training. Whether this is part of a behavior modification program to work on social skills with a trainer during daycare or to bring your dog’s skills up so you can learn the human side with less distraction, or because we’re working with a dangerous food allergen you can’t safely handle at home, this is a great addition or supplement to your existing training. We also offer group hikes on Mondays and Fridays!

  • Half Day of training is 1-2 short sessions during a half or full day of daycare
  • Full Day of training is 3-4 sessions during a full day of daycare
  • Group Hikes are 1 hour on Mondays and Fridays

Private Lessons / Semi-Private Lessons

The dog is only 50% of the team. With our Private Lessons or Semi-Private Lessons, learn right alongside your dog and become your dog’s best partner, trainer, and advocate. You will learn how to teach your dog(s) the skills they need to be successful in navigating our human world and how to communicate in a way that is clear, effective, and maintains your partnership.

Lessons can occur both on-site at our facility, in your home, virtually via video conference, and in locations matching your specific training goals such as: hiking/walking trails, residential neighborhoods, parks, and even pet-friendly stores! We can even do semi-private lessons with two dogs and two handlers – great for couples and families!

Private lessons include:

  • 1-hour hands-on or virtual sessions with one of our professional trainers
  • Personalized coaching and goals
  • Access to our homework and reference material
  • Access to our online training community

In-Home Pack Dynamics

Do you have a multi-animal household that’s not meshing together? Multiple dogs in the home not getting along, or maybe a dog and another species (cat, parrot, chickens, livestock?) Or maybe you’re having trouble with your dog interacting with other family members? These sessions are sort of like private lessons, but they focus on multiple animals or species rather than just one, and how to build a cohesive and peaceful home life. Our trainers will come to your home and help you build a custom training and management program that works for you and your lifestyle. 

Board & Train Rates

Puppy Jump Start (1 Week) – $650

Foundation Program (2 Weeks) – $1,800

Advanced Off Leash (2 Weeks) – $2,000

Specialty Focus & Add-Ons – $900-$1,000/week

Private Lesson Rates

On-Site Lessons – $95/ea.

In-home/Off-Site Lessons – $105/ea.

Virtual Lessons – $70/hour

Semi-Private Lessons – $145/ea.

In-Home Pack Dynamics – $145/ea.

Specialty Options

Daycare & Train Half Day – $45 + cost of daycare

Daycare & Train Full Day – $85 + cost of daycare

Off Leash Hikes – $35

Introduction to Leash Skills – $50/ea.

Typical wait times for training are 2-4 weeks for Board & Train and 1-2 weeks for private lesson programs.

Please review our Cancellation Policies.