Group Hikes

On Mondays and Fridays, we offer 1-hour hikes with a supervising trainer for groups of 2-4 dogs on some of our beautiful recreational sites and trails in the Bitterroot valley!


Hiking is part of the Montana lifestyle – and hiking with your dog is not only great exercise, but it’s one of the healthiest ways for socialization to happen. When dogs are traveling together there’s far less energy and excitement than at a dog park or even in our daycare yards, and dogs can relax and give and take space as needed to have healthy interactions with each other.


Dogs go through a trial hike on a long line to test their trail manners, behavior around other dogs, desire to stay with the group, and their recall. Once passed, owners can sign their dogs up for a hike as often as they like! This can be added to a day of daycare, to a boarding stay, or utilized on its own.

Dogs will travel with a trainer to one of our rotating hiking locations and spend an hour romping and running with their friends under the guidance and supervision of our staff.


All current boarding, daycare, and training clients are eligible!

Dogs who want to hike off leash must go through one of our ecollar training options. We offer a full, comprehensive Off Leash program for owners and dogs together, OR an abbreviated program just for these hikes.

Dogs without training can hike on a long line.

If you have a dog who has struggled with reactivity or other behavior issues, this may still be an option for you! We can work with you to get your dog safe and comfortable in small groups – and this can often be an important part of a behavior modification program. Ask a trainer if you’re interested!


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  • Trial Hike – $50
  • Regular Hike – $35
  • Off-Leash program graduates – $30

Graduates of our off-leash program get their trial hike free!