Group Hikes

We are offering small group hikes for both dogs and handlers, supervised by one of our trainers on rotating days and times.


Hiking is part of the Montana lifestyle – and hiking with your dog is not only great exercise, but it’s one of the healthiest ways for socialization to happen. When dogs are traveling together there’s far less energy and excitement than at a dog park or even in our daycare yards, and dogs can relax and give and take space as needed to have healthy interactions with each other.


Utilizing the calender below, choose the day/time of the hike that works for you and click on the link to register. For participating in the hike, owners have two options. They can either:

  1. Attend the hike WITH their dog
  2. Drop their dog off at the kennel and have the supervising trainer take your dog

– Client dogs who are boarding or attending daycare on they day of the hike can also register!

– If dropping off for the hike only, dogs must be dropped off 30 minutes prior to the hike start time, and be picked up 30 minutes after the end time (i.e. Hike at 8AM, dogs must be dropped off by 7:30, picked up at 9:30). Dogs can also stay for daycare after the hike is finished for our regular daycare rate! 

Your first hike is a trial day, to assess your dog’s behavior, recall, willingness to stay with the group, and trail manners. Please note that if your dog is demonstrating any unsafe behaviors, you may be dismissed from the hike – but don’t worry! Even if you don’t pass the first time, our trainers can help you get ready to rejoin!



All current boarding, daycare, and training clients are eligible!

Dogs who want to hike off leash must go through one of our ecollar training options. We offer a full, comprehensive Off Leash program for owners and dogs together, OR an abbreviated program just for these hikes.

Dogs without ecollar training can hike on a long line.

If you have a dog who has struggled with reactivity or other behavior issues, this may still be an option for you! We can work with you to get your dog safe and comfortable in small groups – and this can often be an important part of a behavior modification program. Ask a trainer if you’re interested!


Click on the day/time of the event you want to attend, and follow the directions under the registration link to sign up.

  • Hike WITH owner – $20
  • Drop-off hike with trainer – $30

*We have a 2-dog minimum to host a group hike. If we fail to meet that minimum, we will send out a cancellation notice 24 hours before.